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YZY SZN Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Didact]

Deliver all of this wisdom
So we can teach our sons and daughters to come together
Dismiss and wish, they follow the path of Luther Jr
Tutor the conscious mind and show em the light divine
Cerebral through your spine, capsize the boat with the holy water
If only you saw your only daughter, skull smashed in
Police be brutal again, these niggas shooting again
The media be asking these questions like where your god been
I stare in they eyes and tell 'em that Jesus don't sin
You never seen what I seen, dirty hammys worn
Say her name was Sammy Thorn
She holding school books and little bag of roasted corn
Officer horn, and she ran, all part of the plan
She ain't having no meal, head it ground, Police be shooting to kill
Then the news reporters say it's not a big deal
She was resisting arrest, so that's how you feel?

[Verse 2: Didact]

I don't fuck with you
Corruption based on assumption that we vandalizing property
But we just leading a function, its the media, lying like Wikipedia
Understand the puppets of America
Spread hysteria to keep us down
Tell us wipe our shoes and kiss our crowns
Because my skin color Colgate clean
And your tone equal the color brown
But who the fuck are you?

[Verse 3: Didact]
That's right the global elite, the motherfucking bankers
Gloves all over the world like they got the Master Hands
It's known fact that every master got a crazy hand
Speak up and they shut your ass down like kids lemonade stands
Stay calm now, it's one's serenade man
But every fucking calm day got a damn rainman

[Talking: Didact]

People don't see what we got ourselves into
It's like, watching someone rob your daughter or your son shoes
You just going to let it slide my nigga?
Y'all know better, dark skins don't play with them J's, B (Ha-ha)
Nah but for real, I know what you got inside of you
During sometime in your life, you gotta tell 'em how you feel
Fuck what anybody say about your opinion, you heard?
Fuck 'em, we don't need no bullshit around here, tell 'em that