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Young M.C. Lyrics
"Principal's Office"

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my lyricsbox
now normally if i can help it i dont spend
alot of time on a principals office

nine o clock!!!!

(Young MC)
now as i get to school
i hear the late bell ringin'
runnin' through the hall i hear
the glee club singin'
get to the office i could hardly speak
caus its the third late pass that i got this week
so to my first class i run and dont walk
all i hear is my snakers an there scratchin the floor
and wen i get to the room i hear the teacher say
"mr. young im happy that you could join us today"
i try to sit down so i could take sum notes
but i cant read wut the kid next to me wrote
and as if that wasnt enough
to make my morning complete
as i try to get up
i find theres gum on my seat
an with the seat stuck to me
i raise my hand
an say excuse me but can i go to the bathroom mam
the teacher got upset and she screamed out "no!!
its off to the principal's office you go"

12 o clock comes with massive steria
everybody rushes down to the cafeteria
picked up my tray that had thursday's lunch
and wen i tried the apple sauce
i herd it crunch
im runnin up the stairs wit a front tooth brokn
the nurse just laughd and said u must be jokin
i lookd up at her wit a smile on my face
no joke cuz ma front tooth is out of place
so i walk to skewl with ice on my lip
a nurse's late pass lyk a gun on my hip
my books are real heavy im walkin im draggin it
no skewl lunch next week im brown baggin it
forget class ima shoot sum ball
with a late pass i got no trouble at all
but then the nurse walks up and says
"wut do u kno? its off to the principals office you go"


passin notes is my favorite pass tym
i cant wait to find the girl to pass mine to
to express a feelin give me a week
me an the girl will be dealin
now one young lady was lookin at me
i said "hi ma name is marvin known as young mc"
but then the bell tthrrrang and the teacher came in
and thats wen the game of passin notes would begin
i wrote the first note and told her she was fine
and i hope that the two of us could spend some time
she wrot me back an told me ur fine too
id luv to go on a date and spend some time with you
so i stopped there readin lookin at the ceilin'
words cant express the way that i was feelin
then i thot to myself the sure way to get her
is to rigt another note or yes a luv letter
wen i finshd da note it was ready to pass
but then the teacher took it an read it ryt in front of the class
she read it word by word an line by line
and everybody who was laughin was a friend of mine
even ma girl was laughin
it was too late need to ryt another note cuz there wuld be no date
the teacher looked at me an i said i kno
its off to the principals office i go

yo you think this is bad
wait till i get my report card
This song is from the album "Stone Cold Rhymin".