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Young Gino Lyrics
"Go Crazy"

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I be rollin round with some hot heads
That don't fuck around with that opp shit
Hit yo block bitch with the Glocks bitch
Run up on his ass with the mop stick
That's a clip fulla dat hot shit
Scratch his name of the hitlist
Got the red beam on a mean thing
Make sure I don't miss shit

[Verse 1: Young Gino]
Middle finger to my old homies I'm an opp to an Opp so I gotta keep a pole on me
All these new niggas who the fuck is you I don't Know homie, Smokin dead niggas you can fuck Around and smell the souls on me
Youll die if you put your nose on me
Only fuck with real niggas
Talkin bout real killas
Who will never eva eva fold on me
Niggas actin like they real fuckin gangsta
On social media
But we already know you told homie
I'm a dayday boy so you know I got a roll on me
See a bitch and I know she gon go for me
Shooters in the cut and I know they'll blow for me
If you disrespect row we'll smoke buddy
___? Nigga never try to smoke buddy
Pour an eighth of the lean and its so muddy
Face shot head shot leave your face bloody
Can't see him closed casket cause his face chubby
My niggas they savage won't say nothin
My niggas they hungry we ain't ate nothin
Call neezy up Yeh he'll shake somethin
Opps said they gon kill him but they stay stuntin
Every time we hit they block man they stay runnin
Everytime we hit they block man they stay runnin

[Verse 2: Lil Duke]
Ain't no lackin in the field keep a pole on me
He a pussy he a bitch how I (ex)pose homies
Got a thirty and a Mac with a roll on me
And this thirty that I got it'll fold homie
I smoke a nigga ass like bb
See a lotta opp niggas wanna be me
In the trap with the guys smoking high C
Or I might be smoking pappy
Fuck Dirf, Fuck red, Fuck timm-oo
Opp niggas they be givin out info
2 cups got scratched like a limo
Sneak dissin get you gone like
Pull up do a hit out the vino
Head shot get you gone like kee-oo
G-40 drop a nigga like a PO
Opp nigga catchin bullets like TO

[Verse 3: Young Gino/Lil Duke]
Got shooters in the field like KD
I'm from the pole where it cold like a AC
I Know a lotta opp niggas wanna kill me
Ain't no lackin in the field
Keep a 30
Headshot get him gone in a hurry
Renegade we ain't got no worrys
Catch a opp hit a block where he lurking
Headshot put his brain on his jersey
You can get the whole clip we ain't stingy
Lil Duke gone squeeze it till its empty
Gino off the flats and the Remy
We be wildin doing hits with the semi
Got a 30 shot stuffed in the Fendi
Catch a fuck nigga tryna come end me
Why u mad cause I'm dayday world bitch
___?Nigga won't come through renegade city