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Vanessa Lea & Road Train Lyrics
"Be Brave (Schapelle)"

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Shocked and scared she stood, as the judge revealed her sentence
Such a high profile case left no room for repentance
No fingerprints nor testing nor cameras to offer proof
But the drugs were found in her bag and for that she is accused
Caught up in a foreign system so distant from her own
That a prison cell in Bali has now become her home.

20 years in gaol for a crime no-one will admit
She says she can't admit to crimes that she did not commit
She begged the judge for clemency, put her life into his heart

But her life was in his hands instead,
while she plead "Saya Tidak Bersalah".

Be brave, Schapelle be brave and try to stay so strong
A holiday in Bali all went so very wrong
Be brave Schapelle be brave, your face just melts a heart
But the price you paid in prison is worth far too many baht

Be brave, Schapelle be brave and try to stay so strong
For the trial by media you suffer is all so very wrong
Keep fighting in that prison, and keep your spirits high
We know that there will come a day when back home you will fly.