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Uptown XO Lyrics
"Reflection Eternal"

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[Intro: Uptown XO]
All we ask is trust

[Verse 1: Uptown XO]
It's so obvious, so obvious
The answer's like Iverson, what the problem is
So glorious, and notorious
Ain't no Biggie about what I did, I came from Gloria
That's my grandmama, we got the same smile
Me and my brother, raindrops from the same cloud
I was a pathfinder, I left my tire marks
On the same road that made me have an iron heart
I used to kick it with the gangsters like lionheart
Was married to the block, Mama beat me when I tied the knot
Wanted us apart, had a choice, I decided not
Indecisive, addicted to all my vices
I made my mind up, my bed at the same time
Laid in it, big respect for the game cause I played mine
Monopoly happened right in front of our eyes
And Dog told me, we only walk the Boardwalk with some fries

[Interlude: Doe Cigapom]
Let me get it, X

[Verse 2: Doe Cigapom]
Mama gave me the birth and told me walk freely
Socks was already on me, ??? my shoes and ???
Run a path, it's no Usain Bolt, but I'm running fast
I'm getting through the water, new raincoat was on my hands
My father had to wade in his abs up on the Av
Neglect the house and Mama snuck in his pants, taking his cash
Then I asked (what can I say to you?)
Cause now we back in the ghetto, sleeping with roaches
Even the demon's closest
They notice your heart is weakened
They paralyze it, they wanna live just like it's hard for speaking
I imagine there's a new era of conscious breathing
Even when we ??? our heart receiving
Obama is not the reason for change
You try to stand but look at what you've fallen for
Calling God when you're in trouble but you should call him more

[Interlude: Doe Cigapom, (Benji)]
There's nothing to say more
(Yes it is)

[Verse 3: Benji]
I can't take it no more
My anxiety's building up
My thoughts is out the window and my heart is on my sleeve again
I can't breathe again, and I hate this feeling
Feel like my heart is gone, and I'm turning to a gremlin
"Something don't feel right," that's what Rawnaw's telling me
"You ain't washed in days and your feet are starting to smell to me
Nigga, whatchu telling me? Nigga, you in love?
I told you about this shit, it's gonna fuck up our performance
You're stumping like a tourist and you never wanna listen
Now you turned in your pimp card, without my permission?
I can see why you bitching, nigga, man up
Is those boxers that you wearing or that panties that you're pulling up
Don't get mad at me, dog, that's just how I'm feeling
Our nuts is in the sand, when they used to be on the ceiling
Remember that white girl? I think she was Jewish, though
Head game was crazy, flipped a nigga like Judo"