Unknown Mortal Orchestra Lyrics
"Necessary Evil"

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[Verse 1]
Transform into the animal you need to
Fly from a destiny infested with chemicals
You need a new drug not invented by the C.I.A
I wanna be your friend but don't have the self-control
We're in love
But I don't get what you see in me

Lovin' me could be your fatal flaw
Just hangin in here trying to be your
Necessary evil, necessary evil

[Verse 2]
Nobody can get a tan in the moonlight
Come on inside tell me is it just a bit too much?
He drooled on a pillow and looked like an angel
She hit a blunt but it would not chill her out at all
We're in love
But she don't get what I see in her


[Verse 1]

This song is from the album "Multi-Love".