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"The Whisper"

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Haunted by the devils tongue
It whispers in your ear
Tells you all the awful things
That you don't want to hear
It mumbles in your daydreams
And wakes you in the night
It rambles through the field of your soul
And follows you to light
Into confession and into fear
That I know the hand that deals fate
Is standing very near
This is the cold unforgettable
Whisper Whisper
Trail os money's drary walk behind me
Through the past
Behind the hearse
The whisper crowd they chant like madness past
Like the chanting crowd of madness that is
Running through my veins

Walks into the liquor store the demon world of pain
Shake it from the nightmare from the world
Oh just open up your eyes and brace the gladness
That has sighed
And all your little nightdreams that came wild
All the words of wisdom that you will eventually find
Don't be discouraged when your dealing with the fools
Don't drift away on the tide of times that is a pool
Hear me whisper on your bathe
All them guys lean on the vine
Tobacco ran to vine
Said find the whisper reserving that found me love
Couldn't cry that died
Fast fed, fast lies, greed rise, tangles wise
In the wear down, the vein , dim the eys I ran
I remember it all is that you don't scream
Fake Hollywood sunset dream
Just hear me whisper
Just hear me whisper.