Transition Lyrics
"Sunrise Alive"

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Get out alice
I swear I'm feeling something inside
I know these das are numbered
I'll drive away
For hearts to be alone it's the perfect day
The sunrays light the way

The sun sets slow
As I search for something new
The sweetest thing can't even hear me screaming
AS I search the sky to only find it falling
You lift it up again.

Sunrise alive
I couldn't say I slept last night
The clouds push out so blue breaks?
Hearts that beat the same
I know it's not a lie
I'll be holding my breath this time.

I know what I've been
Searching for
Is found in you
You wrote down
What I needed
All this time
I never knew
The sweetest thing can make
My dreams come true.
This song is from the album "Transition".