Transition Lyrics
"Only Way Out"

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The miss the days when we used to talk
I miss the days that I used to pray
But still I'll wait for the answers to come
Because I know you're there
You stay with me.
If I could just get through today
My eyes won't bleed again
If I could just get through today
I'm losing me way,
My only way out.

Now if you lie
I lied for you
And if you cry
Well I felt that too
Since this is real
I promise you're not forgotten
Since now you can see
Your only way out.

These lines weren't marked when we crossed
These eyes now believe it or not but they're lazy
They just don't start like they used to
This town is friendly I'm sure
This song now goes out to the ones who admit that
We just don't sing like we used to.

Now you're awake
You're heart beats in faster motion
Since now you can see
You only way out.
This song is from the album "Transition".