Toro y Moi Lyrics
"You and I"

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[Verse 1]
In the desert, you came into my mind
Mother Nature, you gave me a lifetime
I thought twenty-nine was an easy one to get through
Just to summarize, I don't think we're done with all the issues
I don't think it's me, I don't think it's you, It's the universe
I can feel a change coming over us and it's gonna hurt

Oh, my god, it took a while
Oh, my god, it took too long for me to find out if
I really am for us or this

I think you and I just weren't thinking right
It's so wild, everybody went and changed overnight

[Verse 2]
Left me all the pieces, she got me fallin' outta love
I been workin' weekends, I can't tell the difference if I'm up

I'm just a satellite, I been zoning out
This music's way too loud
There's only really one reason I know what to feel
Is that I know this weight is more than real

So we might as well be falling while holdin' on
This song is from the album "Boo Boo".