Toro y Moi Lyrics
"Lesson 223"

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I really wanna try to help you out
And if you knew I didn't then why did you never try to settle down
Your time is lost, and now you'll never know what's after now
But I know it doesn't matter 'cause this is not important
What should you be learning

Right from wrong, good from bad
Safe from harm, and out of doubt

Yeah I gotta few mistakes and I wanna shake em off to you
No I didn't mean it
That's 'cause I would need 'em
For a light to hold on

Please forgive a giver and replace a ticket, 'cause of you it's gone
You know how it is, you simply replace
You gotta know what you've learned

Right from wrong, good from bad
Safe from harm
And out of doubt
This song is from the album "My Touch".