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Tigers Jaw Lyrics
"Between Your Band and the Other Band"

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Missing all my friends
Losing touch
Maybe I loved you but your too much
Will I see you again
Your prominent
I'm serious
There's confidence

Hoping showing confidence is going to make you stay
And every time you talk, well I love everything you say
Everything we try to start there's something in the way
I'll pass it off

Well it costs dollars to write this song
For gas money and a ride home
Well I've thought it through and I'm better now
For such a long time
Step down

Knowing that your so close only hangs me up again
Suffice to say the price I pay won't matter in the end
This is something I can't even talk about with friends
I'll pass it off

I've never been awake before the some comes up
Well I could never worry about you enough
Everything I say is obvious
I'm nothing good
I'm death to us

Well I get caught up in these routines
The time I get home
The way I seem
And these songs I write
They aren't me
I'm terrible
I'm inbetween
This song is from the album "Tigers Jaw".