The Dan Tucker Band Lyrics
"Keep Takin' Me Back"

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Keep takin' me back through the years I've never seen
Put me in the state of mind where I've never been.
Let me see the building up and tearing down of our dreams
Help me learn from our mistakes...I believe nothing's what it seems.

Through these journey's my eyes see the good and the bad
I've seen the things we've wanted and the things that we've had.
We have reached for the stars looking for more to learn
Desiring so much that our sanity never returned.

Keep takin' me back
Fill my mind with things I've never seen...oh yeah
Let me see where I lack
So I won't believe in madmen's dreams.
Keep takin' me back.

Well I know deep inside we'll never understand the past
I wasn't there when the yesterday's were born I'm one of the last.
My heart sinks within me when my mind drifts that way
Into recurrences of our greed and battles night & day.

It's a sad sad world
But I can't cry anymore (oh no, no)
I still see the past living in me & you (oh yeah, yeah)
Back to the present I'm hurled
My senses close that mental door
As lifes realities comes back in view. (yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah)

Keep takin' me back keep takin' me back keep takin' me back!
This song is from the album "Soul Graffiti".