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The Bigger Lights Lyrics
"Skinny Jeans"

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She's got an old suit case of summer clothes
But she's got nowhere to go
She's got $15 bucks left to her name
And no road to call her own

She sleeps alone on city streets
And calls me on the phone
To say I miss you all the time
You're all I've got to stay alive

I don't wanna take another step without you
And I don't wanna wake another day
To watch you walk away
So if you're mine
You better be mine, until our lungs run out of time
I don't wanna feel this heart beat without you

She's got an arm tattooed with God in words
That she thought that she believed
A New York smile in skinny jeans
And the moves to make you scream

She'd rather run and cut her ties
Then stay and let the moment die
She's always on my mind
And without her I can't survive


She came back from California
Lost her way, alone in Georgia
Found she wanted something more
Like what she did before
Then she stumbled backwards into me
And took my breath away