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Terrace Martin Lyrics

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Everyone knows
Everyone sees her

Even though she puts her pain on Twitter
It's like a hurt her two months
Just to get rid of her
Now everywhere I go
The homeys is telling me to quitter
I can't quitter, we're gonna get it right
We scream we fuck and then
She asks me to spend the night
I asked her to fucking move with me
Cause I couldn't stand
To see another dude to get rid of her
Sometimes I do wanna hit her
Daddy picking up the phone
Like who's this nigger?
Not the jealous type
But all my fellows like
Come into my crib
Cause I know my girl is .. type
I like my friends to admire my things
But all of these dudes are fucking my queen
I feel it in my spline, in my eyes in my back bone
Hore brought the .. patrol ..
And I feel


Expectations getting older
My wealth getting colder
Why can I need her?

Something that got me in the trance
My heart beat in the mike speed
Stuff has got into my veins
Slow down
I know now
Out of control
My soul
Cause love is just like a germ
Here I go again believe in these lies
.. told you the surprise
We we're bulshiting
Quit telling me
That it's meant to be
You we're the shit to me
And I'm still stuck
How can I be fucking love?
I should be right
And I fight your evil ass
Cause even past the days we we're kissing
You used to be the most
Like my brother with his ,
Look I'm rolling now how
I'm miles away from the city
I still feel shity
I still got a piece with me
I feel lost
Really but not really

Expectations getting older
My wealth getting colder
Why can I need her?

The question is
How good is good pussy?
Good enough to make you think
She wouldn't, but would she?
Fucking another nigger
While you're on tour
I don't know
Stay with you when you're ..
I don't know
What type of chicks do you go for?
I don't know
That's the type of shit I'm known for
.. when the things end badly
And in a couple months I'm the one that's hurt sadly
Enough that's the truth when it comes to me
I'm wishing you we're wrong for me
Gone Fuck out of here all ready
When I'm supposed to take you in my Chevy
Should have listen to my daddy
Bad luck is super fly
Had an eye
The funny things in life
You don't even try
About the other guy
Now I know why
Shit ..


Expectations getting older
My wealth getting colder
Why can I need her?

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