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"Free Me"

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When I let you leave me
I thought it would be easy (so glad, so glad)
But trying to forget you
Made me just regret you (so sad, sad)

Free me
Free me from your loving
Free me
Free me, babe, I'm begging

The longer we're apart
The more it hurts my heart
Spending all my days in reverie
Try to shake your shadow,
Try to make it leave
Oh, won't you come back and free me

Now that I'm without you
I've found out what's about you (too late, too late)
Babe, if you won't come back
At least take all your love back (heartbreak, heartbreak)

Repeat Chorus

Every single second seems sure like on home
And yesterday at least a year from here
Hoping and scheming for something that is missing
Oh, won't you come back and free me

Free me from the memory
Free me, take these chains right off me

Repeat Chorus
This song is from the album "Ooh, La, La".