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Fine line between love and hate
Don't know why we divide 'em
Truthfully they're just one in the same
We all got feelings, but we try and hide 'em
Couple times I've contemplated killin' my folks
Still got no idols
Every single one is a rival, part the seas like my name is Poseidon
More like Moses, free my people 'cause they've been hopeless
Turn your back on me? Tyron woouldn't notice, he's too focused
Only bread where the loaf is, fear of loathin'
I've been ghostin', I been posted, clock with the postin'
Man, I'm sick of posin', see what the court did
I been to hell and back, came back on track
Couldn't out my flame, I done told you that
Rub dirt on my name like I won't come back
I got no one to blame, so I gotta come back
In my phone, I got bare contacts
Not many I ring, save that for one thing
No one I owe 'cause I play my role, got a voice of a saint
If I went Pem', be the biggest damn thing, they would call me, "King"
Still roll with the same friends from the same mans

True, I got scars, but, they man
Go around, waste man, blazin' acres
Chasin' status, fucked up shit in my cranium
Fears of failing, but I ain't bailing
One prays for me, can't even say, "Amen"
See me as a stat, I agree with that
Been a statistic, caught in a system, court said, "You wishin'"
No one will hold me back, that's why I sold crack
Too black for the whites, too white for the blacks
Changin' my life, I'm tryna get plaques
Kind of a hump like a camel's back
Roll through on the front with Lloyd on the back
Ends with the dump, find treasure in trash
Down in the dumps, I should play with a pump
When I'm stayin' at mum's, them some conundrums
Somebody gets robbed, you want me? When it gets on top
Not the dog in the fight, it's the fight in the dog
Knock on wood that my family's good
When I'm stayin' at cats slangin' this fudge
Sleepin' on a mattress, had a couple corpses in attic
Store got busted once a cop, it's a manage
All of 'em are dodged down the drain, that's tragic
Can't complain, I got at game, back in
One track to on a train, new passage
In my journal, man get carved up
One time I sold Johnny Persol
Don't come back 'cause they're gonna get hurt, bro, huh?

Don't put a rat in the corner
Been down, been out but I never been surer
Check my account, won't believe I was poor once
But that's not important
Drown in the deep end, bro won't find a snorkel
Stuck in my head, I'm tryna find a portal
So why they dream for the mortal even though life's been awful?
Could be better if it weren't no courtrooms
Pent up aggression, had no one to talk to
See it when I walk through, slowthai been a broke yute
Can't ever get comfortable 'cause I never had nothin', bro
And I always be fuckin' slow so I won't cuff a ho
This one's for my brothers that ain't comin' home