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Sloan Lyrics
"Follow The Leader"

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Children in a line
Ought to be benign but
Following the leader
You can underplay
There will come a day oh...

Lowering of voice
Imaginary choice
You've got your pick of either
Heavy head or heart
Business faking art oh...

Life is long
So far it's been easy
But I just want you to know

Anticipating bills
Summarizing skills for
Following the leader
Worthy of your trust
Obedience a must oh...

I need to obey someone
I would never betray that someone
I find everyday someone gets in line

In matters of import
Muster up support
To follow the leader
Walk the dotted line
Initial here and sign oh...

Life is short
So you choose your battles
It's sometimes all you can choose

Everything confirms
In no uncertain terms
You're following the leader
They've got your number and
Their wish is your command oh...

Don't let them get away with it
Don't give them satisfaction
Fall in but don't fall for it
You're not the only one
And you know it
Just so you know it
This song is from the album "The Double Cross".