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Slim Thug feat. Lil' Keke Lyrics

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Slim Thug the Boss (Boss)
(Boss) Slim Thug the Boss (Boss, Boss)
Slim Thug the Boss (Boss)
Thug Thug the Boss

[Slim Thug]
Introducing from Houston, Slim Thug the Boss
The young Hogg out the North, that be running his mouth
Check my files, the Boss man do it G style
I live it write it, and spit it when I freestyle
I'm what them boys on the corner, pumping bumping
Or any hustler, trying to have something bumping
I keep the G's jumping, throwing up they set
And chicks and tricks in the club, po'ing up Moet
If you rich or broke, we gon ball tonight
From 10's to 24's, we goin' crawl tonight
Shot call tonight, you rolling with the Boss Hoggs
Everything free or V.I.P., with the Outlaws
So tell the bartenders, to put it on my tab
And tell the valet dude, to buck you right by my slab
And get what you can grab, from Grey Goose to Bacardi
I'm inviting the world, to my gangsta party

[Chorus: x8]
This for my gangsta niggas
This for my gangstas (jeah)

[Slim Thug]
I see the Northside thugs, G'd up on the wall
I see the Southside players, showing boys shake ball
I see the Eastside hustlers, pieced up thoed deck
I see the Westside G's, thoeing up they set
Ain't no plex, we all trying to take something home
It's three chicks to one, so no niggaz alone
Bunch of dime pieces in thongs, all on the dance flo'
Ain't no rules we all grown, baby anything go
What happened at the Hogg palace, stays at the palace
I got spots in every hot spot, from L.A. to Dallas
You can't miss me, it's my party you can't diss me
Turn off all your clocks people, let's make history
We gon drank till we faint, smoke till we choke
Dance till we can't baby, ball till you broke
I said drank till you faint, smoke till you choke
Dance till you can't baby, ball till you broke

[Chorus: x8]

[Slim Thug]
All the ballers getting green, get ya hands up (get ya hands up)
All the hustlers riding clean, get ya hands up (get ya hands up)
All the independent women, get ya hands up (get ya hands up)
All the chicks looking fly, get ya hands up (get ya hands up) [Repeat: x2]

If you smoke (smoke something)
If you drank (po' something)
If you ball (show something)
You got bank (blow something) [Repeat: x2]

This is for my G's, and this is for the hustlers
This is for the real niggas, never for the busters [Repeat: x2]

[Chorus: x12]