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Skeme Lyrics

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Look, I'm still thugging with the niggas that I came with
And get money with these niggas that I hang with
See most these rappers I be hearing they be on some lame shit
Talking dough and they ain't even got as much as my main bitch
Niggas know we got the choppers all the 40's
So X is all I got, man I ain't shit without my brollies
I just bought myself a rollie, cause you're broken till you got it
You say you get it like we do we say lil niggas stop it
See I'm popping just like McCartney
They asking me how I feel, it's real as fuck is my reply
Money my motivator, I'm knowing these haters haters
So show these haters no love, I'm living life like a thug
Gold teeth in my mouth, 45 with the slugs
We popping, I'm coping bucks
Cause niggas man I destroy
This here is I throw the wire flow
And baby I'm a gangster, don't believe me, read my ... hoe
And I know that this life can be rough as hell
But being broke on them corner is rough aswell
So I made a choice to us, so wake up and get it baby
I'm just doing me, and you never mind the specifics
I'm bizy, I'm doing bindess, with million dollar expensive
And I'm saving on the sock cause this game come with no pitching, huh
Fingers itching, so it's money on my future
On this road to the riches, ...driving, I'm the shooter
Give a fuck how niggas do it, cause that talking just go through it
Some shitting on what you spitting
Bitch don't make me number 2 though
Stunting like big derula, I rub my belly like buda
Hope for some good love, but all she get is some good fuck, huh?
Duck duck, pouring goose over my rocks,
Lost 3 niggas in a week and I wonder when will it stop
And it probably will never see, wicked curse in these streets
My enemies rest in piss, while my love was rest in peace.