Sherri Taylor and Singin' Sammy Ward Lyrics
"Oh Lover"

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[Sherri Taylor & Singin' Sammy Ward]
Lover, where have you been?
Oh, just around the world, and I'm back again
You done me wrong, so that's why I stayed away so long
Lover, baby, I went away
But, but, but I knew you would be back one day
Even though I hurt your heart
Ain't nothin' gonna make us part
It don't matter where you travel
And no matter what you've done
I know in your heart, I'm still the only one

So, lover, come here to me
Oh no, there ain't no way, baby, it's gonna be
I want you to know, that I don't want your lovin' no more
In my many travels, I've become so wise
I found someone to love me that's true
She really opened up my eyes

Oh lover, this is the end
Ah, that's just, just what you think
You'll be back again
I ain't coming back, baby
'Coz you love someone new
That just can't move you like I do

So, lover, come on, lover
I ain't coming back!
I may not be so good-looking
My mind is on a one-way track!
But I have such good cooking
I ain't coming back
'Coz no matter what you do
I ain't gonna love you no more
Mmm, no one can thrill ya
I'll find someone to thrill me, baby
But, no, no one can chill
They know how to chill me, honey

Come on back
I ain't coming back!
Come on back, Sam
My mind is on a one-way track!
No matter what you say, I ain't coming your way no more
Mmm, you can't leave me, baby
I ain't coming back!
Mmm, you better, you better,
Ah, they know how to love me, honey,