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"Hurt And Pain"

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Verse 1 (Letoya):

Why would you play me for my famousy
Hould me so tight
Maybe Maybe you were right, But,
Never Never let me go
I love so

Chorus (Group):
Baby Baby Baby
Ur my lover lover lover
I Never Never Never
Try again
I don't want no Hurt And Pain
I don't want no Hurt and Pain

Verse 2 (NaKeshia)

Kiss me baby
And love me
I'm Sorry
I will neva neva neva
U were rite
So What can I do to
Get you back

Chorus (Group) 2x

Bridge (Kelly and Tarquesia)

Heal Me My Heart Again
Stop My Pain Again
I Know it's Hard To Forgive

Chorus (Group) Until Fades