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"Come Get It"

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Hook (Kelly and Tarquesia): If U Want It Come Come and Get It (4x)

Verse (NaKeshia):

See I been places,
Seen many faces, But that will never change,
Living dis life is not easy,
Many wish to have it, It aint dat fantastic,
But if u want it, I Just got to say

Hook (Kelly and Tarquesia( NaKeshia adlibs)):

Verse (Letoya):

Now little person if u want,
Since you want it, U have to deal with peer-pressure,
Now it's on ya, Time and time again,
Sometimes it stress yah, But if u want it,
I just got to tell ya

Hook (Kelly and Tarquesia (Letoya adlibs)):

Bridge (Whole Group):

You don't understand,
Dis isn't just all nite glam,
If do understand, Don't talk cause it all da same

Hook (Whole Group): Until song fades...