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Scott Grimes Lyrics
"Around And Around"

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So I came in the back tho the bar room
For to sit in my regular place
There's an old man watching the TV...
With a smile on his face

Cuz they come there to talk to old Brian
And they come there to kick off their blues
Well their wife could've ran off without them
But here they've got nothing else to lose

We sit around and around and around
We sit around and around and around

And we talk about people
And sing about places, one day we'd all like to be
Just remember the old days and think of old faces
That one day we'd all like to see

Well Kelly's alone at the barstool
And she's saying she's not really sure
And Matt's going on about heaven and the Second World War

The rumors are flying about Elvis
Said he's living in town the past year

I've never been a king or a joker

But I don't think I'd ever move here

Well you say you've got a tear in your eye
We'll talk it off for a while
Then we'll raise up our drinks and yell out our favorites
Cuz Ivy's here for the time

Oh, will it ever be again?
I don't know
Open the door
Let'm in from the rain
Let'em in from the pain...

Well I do all I can to keep callin'
And I do all I can to go home
I wonder if he's found a women or if she's alone?

I imagine they've got all their questions
But maybe they don't really care
They say they want to get out and wander
But I don't think they're going nowhere.