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Scarlet Fever Lyrics
"Peanut Butta"

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Peanut Butta Receez cup
lick my oochie eat it up
Bang Bang choo choo train get up on it and ride that thang
I cant! Why not?
I just cant! Why not?
My back is achin
my bras to tight
my booty's shakin from the left to the right
to the left to the right
were gonna ride the horsey all night (woo)

You kno i get it crunk
im in the club all drunk
this players true thug
thinking hes gettin some
but he aint gettin none
he wanna feel my tongue
the only thing im blowing round heres bubble gum

I'm not going down
better take it down
spend some money on me couple shots couple rounds
I aint your girlfriend
dont wanna meet your ma, dont wanna meet your pa
I'm a ghetto superstar
Now im off to chicago lookin for a magic wand
but i dont mean the one with gold teeth and black lips
and some houstoun hurr
with a lil flip
could even make chingy sturr just a little bit
i get gold quick and i wont quit