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"Dad's Song"

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What else is new?
It's been the same since I was two.
You make an excuse so that things go your way.
No truth ever comes from what you say.
You run and hide from your responsiblities...
And the main one is me.
You never face up to your wrongs.
And everyone around you longs...

The day your eye sight shatters,
I hope you see what really matters.
I hope you're sorry for all your sins.
And start making your ammends.
I hope you swallow.
And your emotions colide.
But that's what's gonna happen in dad's song.

When will you open your eyes and see,
That i'm your main priority?
Everyone wants you to change.
Yes it will feel strange.
You blow me off for your stupid girlfriend.
All this crap has got to end.
I can't take it anymore.
It's been happening since i was four.

The day your eyesight shatters.
I hope you loose what really matters.
I hope you're punished for all your sins.
And are still making your ammends.
I hope your loose all your pride.
And your emotions will colide.
That's what's gonna happen in Dad's song.

Well now you know how I felt,
And all the things i delt.
How do you like me now?
I'm shouting out and feeling proud.
Now that you know,
You need to show,
The pitty you have,
For being the way you have been dad.
That's the end of Dad's song.