Sander Kleinenberg Lyrics
"State Of Grace"

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You know it makes no difference, whether we talk or not
and its much harder going in there sometimes
than jumping down from the top
but if you talk to me, i will listen to you
with my eyes, my ears, my heart.
till we both reach a state of grace
i will pull you out of the modern secrets.
till we both trust the coast is clear.

information gates to yourself, is information breeding danger.

you know it makes no difference.
if you remember times that I forgot.
sometimes we need nostalgia.
but theres a need for a not
taking consciousness for granted
i need to hear your concept so dont expect me to. give into it
i dont want to go back there
my senses would not work
till we both reach a state of grace.
i will call you out of modern secrets..
till we both trust the coast is clear..

information gates to yourself is information breeding danger
This song is from the album "Nu Breed 4".