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Roots Manuva Lyrics
"The Falling"

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Guns, Bitches, Hoes, Crack
Death and disease and a baseball bat
STD that have no names
Down in the clinic with headfull of shame
Russian roulette with a naked flame
Dangerously slow but in the fast lane
A big nose bleed and a bag of cocaine
Just got the news about the tumour in my brain
Just dont care so we sniff it all the same
Just caught my best friend sleeping with my girlfriend Jane
Now were thinkin of a way to get them slain
Asassins for hire they shall get paid
2 G 3 G whatever it cost
None of those fools should of got me cross
I'm just about ready for a treacherous thing
Hand grenade on the plane looks another dunblane

Mass murdering brains on the floor
Your dead cos i said you shouldn't live no more
You done and made me lose my cool
Wheres my tool, who's the bigger fool
Roadrage, pavementrage all kinda rage
You'll be lucky if you get to see some old age
Every other days a good day to die
Be carefull if you love your lives
You don't know nothing
You don't see nothing
You dont be nothing
You don't do nothing
But we all gotta be someone and somebody
But everybody here cant be that rich
You know the saying lifes a bitch
I got my finger on the trigger with a nervous twitch
Keep your mouth shut let me dig this ditch
Dont you be a stupid bitch

I took a blunt knife and took a piece of my heart
Thats my sacrifice, my wayward device
It sound mad though, my self mutilation
Like Dr Forster on his very first patient
The Gods aint happy cos man is praising himself
Planning to get to heaven with that earthly wealth
Blood money, drug money nobody budge money
Mass fertility souls on the guillotine
Meantime I unravell calling Jimmy Savelle
Come fix my epitomy I'm bitterly the bitterness
This song is from the album "Awfully Deep".