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Ronan Keating Lyrics
"Fly In The Freedom"

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tap the rhythm against the floor
to look for another door
a am slipping to the mystery of the night
i know there is an easier way
but it is my choice anyway
don't let me waste my time in futile thinking anymore

fated not to be tamed
watch me, i never will lean upon you
i can go by myself

* - fly in the freedom -
time never stop and wait for me
- Show the way -
looking for answers and looking for the clue
fly in the freedom

nobody taught me to hint
win a happy life of a dream
i'm not waiting for a fortuneteller
i feel that my wish will come true
i've never thought ahead to that luck
is it my treasure?
tell me what I've really looked for?

fancy came to my mind
it leads me to somewhere far away
distant place, distant time

* (repeat)
** - fly in the freedom -
there is a lot of things to do
come on, (i'm) ready to gamble
it's time to play the game
- fly in the freedom -
tell me, what is the feeling?
- show the way -
i'm in a paradise, i'll keep it forever
- fly in the freedom -
i'll never stop my steps
i believe in myself, i know that i can
sure i know

* (repeat)
** (repeat)
dreams are always around me
oh it comes to my hands, it's really clear to me
sure i know

*** looking for answers and looking for the clue
i'm in a paradise, i'll keep it forever
*** (repeat)