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RiceGum Lyrics

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Gettin' texts from my ex, I think she knows I'm up next
Yeah, they hate when I flex, it don't really makes sense
Yeah, I got a lot of enemies, I don't want to make amends (nah)
I don't want to make friends (nah), I just wanna make M's (yeah)

My house is a big crib, shit, I just threw a party here
Had your girl gettin' out here, no regrets, no sorrys here
2K on a jacket, and my wrist on Cartier
What I'm saying, they don't wanna hear
All the haters would got me here
Ayy, yeah, who talking shit? I'ma let 'em know
You had the juice but you let it go
All that hating is gettin' old
You put that girl on the pedestal, I hit her once and I let her go
Switching my hoes like I'm switching clothes
I'm covered in ice like I'm made of snow
Girl, you know I'm from the trap (trap)
Face look like a rat (damn)
Came straight out of LV, now LV's on the bag (Louis)
Keep bragging 'bout you getting money
But the label taking half, ayy
Add it up, quick maths, ayy
You just broke and you sad
Little girl, I don't know what you wanna beef about
You are not what you tweet about
You are just a rat looking girl who Twitter just made a meme about
If you got money bring it out
Ghost writer, just bring him out
What happened with YoungBoy?
You weren't a bitch you wanna keep around
Guess you really couldn't keep him down
How the fuck are you 14 with rumors that you sleep around?
Shout out to the Eagles, shout out Philly
Yeah, we need Meek around
But just like your dad, you not a girl I wanna be around
Rollie on me, it's a big boy
With the gang, smoking big doinks
I just started to invest, now this fit on me cost a Bitcoin
You ain't getting no checks, record label taken all the big coins
You can't hit 100 mill', little bitch, I'm making big noise
Little girl with a attitude, you're a meme, we just laugh at you
I ain't even really mad at you, honestly, I feel bad for you
All you ever do is chase the clout
Too bad you had to run your mouth
Coulda been in the fucking gang
Coulda lived in the fucking house
She a troll, she is not for real
Little ratchet ass poppin' pills
You ain't make it on your own, you made it 'cause of Dr. Phil
Hold up Iggy, yeah I got the kill, she ain't really want the drama still
I remember I was really down, I was broke, yeah I had to plot for real, now I got a mill'