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[Erick Sermon]
Erick and Parrish Millennium Ducats
Squadron, uh-huh

[Erick Sermon]
Haha, let me introduce my DJ, Scratch the black Balboa
I'm Erick Sermon, the dope rhyme blower
My DJ Scratchatori, interesting like, war stories
with EPMD, the fame and the glory
The Boy Wonder, the second Nature, the Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Eraser, upon the cross fader
From Brooklyn, Albany Projects
Been around the world with the DJ sets, catching wreck

[Parrish Smith]
Yo the track drives me to excel
Scratch is dangerous like a third rail
Got the feel like braille, stayed charged like a Duracell
The show-stopper, knocking cats out like Rock 'em Sock 'em
Can't stop him, so player hating is your only option
Hands quicker than Roy Jones with no headphones
BK Albany PJ's where my man zone
EPMD and Scratch, the quarterback
Melting wax, flipping more tracks than Amtrak

"Cause I'ma break it down to the nitty gritty one time
When it comes to the"
"I gets busy with mine"

[Erick Sermon]
It's on now baby
This song is from the album "The Awakening".