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Pj Simas Lyrics
"No More You"

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So much emotion
bottled up, insides tickin toward explosion
veins runnin thick, overdosed on love potion
trapped in this crazy, body in a rage
lost all of control, belligerent motions
I swear I'm cut so deep down
can't nothing take me lower than you've taken me now
I can't see my way out
thank God I can make a beat loud
open up my mouth and spit all of you out
ah, it's over baby no never to happen again
this the last time you be gettin up under my skin
I never ever needed you anyway
Im bout to kill the future, and throw the past away
go on without you and set my life's path ablaze
you coulda been by my side and added to the flame
live out your dreams with the fortune and the fame
but now instead, you're nothin but another name

It's times like these when life cuts deep
there don't seem to be a way out
and as i bleed up on this beat
I'm singing RIP to the past now
Yeah, cuz I'm over you
P to the J is back baby oh it's true, uh
I said it and it's long overdue
it's me myself and I, no more you, we're through

You got my heart beatin out these minor tones
Every key I play reverberates that i'm alone
every string I strum echoes out that you ain't home
they be sayin "get over you" but I don't hear them like a silent phone
ringing, ringing, deep down in my brain
thought of you implanted in me bout to make me go insane
so I turn up the volume to this beat, let out all my pain
eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, forget you and your name
yeah, you was never nothing, how could it be
that months down the road your image still eats at me
the outline of those curves still what I need to see
It's like your essence lingers up in the air I breathe
enters inside penetrates me so low
I'm sick of this and I ain't having it no more
this my last straw, I'm down to my last strand
I've held myself up with everything that I can
and as this beat loops through,
who'd a knew I still really ain't over you?
alone again, only friend is this pen,
maybe I will fell better if I just bring this chorus in ah!


[Electric Guitar Solo - Yuriry Goldman]

This song is from the album "Triple Play".