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Pegz Lyrics

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Here's a little track about,
Three types of girls,
Three types of ladies,
From three tyoes of worlds,
But there's some girls who always watch their manners,
Have a heart and a soul,
They're the ones I call glamours...


First type of lady im going to mention in this track
is addicted to speed, coke, pills, and smack, Makes
her cash from lying on her back, Swares a lot can't
believe she has a mouth like that, Yeah its true she
goes off in the sack, But it takes more then that to
impress a man like Matt, Its sad how'd she lose her
life so bad, Couldnt adopt the morals of her mum or
her dad, She's got a boyfriend and they live in a
hoval, He's a jerk that doesnt care that she works in
a brothal, She comes home at the brake of dawn
exhausted and ashamed from all the cocks that she's
warn, She wants to leave this life style she's totally
torn, She shoots up to forget and choses to go on,
Even though in the back of her mind she knows it's
wrong, Its like the point of no return its too far gone,
All she cares about is the drugs and the dick, Her
boyfriend is a thug that thinks that he's slick, Says
put the cash on the table and get in the nick, Fuck
him girl come on its time yourself you should forgive,
Look after your health thats no way to live, but no
matter what i tell her she just never quits, I just hope
she doesnt end up slitting her wrists...



The next girls like i wouldnt go out with Matty B if
he asked me, All that matters to me is money and
versachi, Dresses kind of tarty thinks that she's
classy, Only guy that she dates drives a porche,
sports car or ferrari, Wont bother asking her out
cause i know that she'll bar me, You think I like you
girl, No way not hardly, You've got the body of Elle
but the brains of Barbie, If you dont wanna hear the
truth then struth dont ask me, Dont even know what
you're doin at this hip-hop after party, Dont care
cause i've got all these other girls after me, It makes
me laugh see when you talk so abruptly, Critical of
others just a typical yuppie, Who laughs at nothing
thats funny, Thinks of nothing but money, All past
reationships you've just flushed down the dunny...



You ask me why i've never got a regular girly, Can't
find one as smart as my mum or as beautiful as my
aunty Shirly, The type that doesnt mind if i go
surfing early, I can take her out for a drink and she
doesnt act flirty, Never acts jealous cause she knows
she deserves me, She's an ethnic goddess god dam
she's worthy, In public she acts nice and in private
she's way dirty, An intelligent girl with and image
thats way earthy, She loves nature, the ocean, and
trips away surfing, Camping and fishing she's a real
down to earthy, She doesnt bother with gossip
cause she knows it's not worth it...