Peewee Longway Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Longway a nasty dealer, pull up with bitch in a vert
[Italian jeans, Ferragamo Shirt](pending)
I look like I'm plugging and serving work
Jackin' and Juggin' I do plenty dirt
Have pharmacy drugs like I'm a nurse
Tussin' that pourin', I'm scratchin' my arms
Grits, I got the molly by bricks
The spot in the trenches, they passing that dough
I put that shit on and get at your ho
Crocadile hundred, the tip of my toe
Stars on my ankle, Givenchy they wishin'
Arm and Hammer, Mr. Egg Beater
Cook up your favorite dish, let you swipe your card for a brick
With a snubnose, 44 bulldog, and the St. Bernard with the dick
They viscious now don't fuck around and get bit
Shook all like a red nose pit
I'm in the A, but I be kickin' hippy shit
Water the Og and go to Chenchita(?)
I be on some drop the ticket shit
Come fuck with me don't go fuck with your people
MPA Bandcamp she finna keep em
Still got bagdrops on my beeper
And I still get you wacked, fuckin' around with my people
Beat em with a bat like I'm Benny Segal
Neighborhood Crip come through just like the reaper
Load up your shit and go sip and smoke reefer
Got a rollie on my wrist, 40 pointers
Bought that shit, servin' different people
(?)Been Og like Dirty Harry
Like a junky noddin on a needle

Chorus: 2x
I turn my hood into California, I turn my hood into California
I turn my hood into California. I put the bags in the trenches for cheap
I turn my hood into California, I turn my hood into California
I turn my hood into California, Young Nigga's bangin' on every street

Verse 2:
I turn my hood to California, Og Gas bag 33
Juggin' in the trap, it's Zone 3
I front the young nigga that's in the street
Run the traphouse like a 24
Pull up to the Hill, that's stop-n-go
Trapping Balenciaga, I'm the dealer
Balling, nigga dressing like I'm Pablo
And I got it for the Low(For the low!)
Drop it off right at the door
Don't play with my scrilla, got young blue gorilla's
They bangin' the hood and they turning locs
I turn my to Cali, Bricks on the boat
In the trenches, I'm a work me a ho
We juggin' OG out the front and back door
Hundred round drums I'm a calico
(Longway Bitch!)

Chorus: 2x
This song is from the album "The Blue M&M 2 (Kingsize)".