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Original Broadway Cast Lyrics
"The Wicked Witch Of The East"

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(Note: In order to shorten the scene over which the
song takes place, only certian spoken lines are mentioned. This song
mayalso contains some spoilers of the play.)
*This song is not included on the cast recording,
because of fear of giving away spoilers, but is included in the original
NESSAROSE (spoken)
Elphaba, shut up! First of all,
I can't harbor a fugitive,
I am an unelected offical. And why should I help you? You fly
around Oz trying to rescure animals you've never even
met and not once have you ever thought to use your powers to rescue me!
All of my life, I've depended on you
(sung) How do you think that feels?
All of my life, I've depended on you
And this hideous chair with wheels.
Scrounging for scraps of pity to pick up
And longing to kick up my heels.
ELPHABA (spoken)
Nessa, there isn't a spell for everything.
The power is mysterious, it not like cobbiling up a pair of- wait. (beings
chanting from the Grimmerie)
Oh Nessa, at last.
(sung)I've done what long ago I should
And finally from these powers something good
Finally, something good
NESSAROSE (spoken)
Boq! Boq, come quickly!
BOQ (spoken)
You did this for her?
NESSAROSE (spoken)
For both of us!
BOQ (spoken)
Oh Nessa... this changes everything.
NESSAROSE (spoken)
I know.
(sung)Oh, Nessa
Surely now I'll matter less to you
You won't mind my leaving her tonight.

That ball thats being staged,
Announcing Glinda is engaged
(sung)Yes Nessa, that's right
I've got to go appeal to her
Express the way I feel for her
(spoken) Nessa, I lost my heart to Glinda from the
moment I first saw her. You know that.
(spoken)Lost your heart?
(sung)Well we'll see about that.
ELPHABA (spoken)
Nessa, let him go.
(sung)Did you think I'd let you leave me here flat?!
BOQ (spoken)
Don't come any closer!
(sung)You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you!
If I have, I have to... magic spell you.
(beings chanting from the Grimmerie)
(spoken) This is all your fault!
If you had not shown me that horrenible book-
ELPHABA (spoken)
I've got to find another spell. It's the only thing that might work.
(sung)Save him please, just save him.
My poor Boq, my sweet, my brave him.
Do not leave me till my sorry life has ceased.
(begins chanting in melody)
(sung)Alone and loveless here,
Just the girl in the mirror
Just her and me, Wicked Witch of the East!
We deserve each other.