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"Too Much Heaven"

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ha haaa where is the love? nobody guess yeah yeah yeaaa

nobody gets too much heaven no more it's
much harder to come by i'm waiting my life
nobody gets too much love anymore it's
as high as a mountain and harder to climb

once upon a time there was a place called earth founded
by the most powerful man my lord
show me the way i have to go to grow
let it be the woman and the man you know
eat what you want and drink as much as you can
share what you got with your other fellow man
livin' harmony family feel free
everybody has against us by envy and jelousy
now would you please mind you own this
daily operation teach you life is a bitch
what's on your mind let me know as we know
a thousand problem of mr: in your head control
the flow of your body your ma is beautyful
running out of time only the lord and heaven knows the sight
stand and be a man and make it tight
fight for your right so you'll get in to see the light


high as a mountain

so hard to come by

and no more love

who's in charge of the mess that we made?
will served with the platter on the first
on the judgement day faces(faces)
nothin' but your faces(faces)
i can see your faces
longer than a shoelace and case
you'll never prayed to god
tell the G.O.D the man himself
invented created holy ghost now bring the bill
captur by my sound next custom of my kind till see
see you later aligator
make it your relax like i need to ache
bring it down to the point and make a positive move
so we can prove till we lose our cool
miracles happens every day
go it by the light
i guarentee you'll comes away advisble
straight from the horses mouth
L.O.V.E , peace i'm out

and then my life have you seen me i'm forever
everything we all will never die
love is such a beutyful thing
yeah yeah ye-ah
This song is from the album "Father".