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"One Second"

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I can hear the clock tick tack tick tacka second in
My life will I win or flip flopflashbacks and the voices
That I hear I don't knowthe lord is my shearpard no
Fear coz I told you beforedespite all the strength
That I have in my mindinstead of water alwayz prefer
Wine and I don't no whywaitin' for the moment I can
Fly wash my pain awaysometimes I just wonder pray to
God please let me stayyears nearly seven and I know
You definatelywatchin' me free me from this pain let
Me lane before I go insanehighly believe in you obey
Your command you are all I gotright place right time
One second right spotthings happen fast nowadays a
Dangerous lifefamily is what we need some kids and
A tough ass wifepositiv or negativ vibes all up to
Youa second in your life you can be free so remember me
Chorus:one second in my life is passin' me byone second
In my life like a bird in the skygod let me know will
I live or will I dieand if I have to go I wanna go with a smile
One second (2)
Alwayz paranoid try to avoid any bad newssee what you
See better listen coz' it could be youdeath rate high
As if we were fliessix million jews yo that made me
Confusedwhere the fuck was his brain even I feel ashamedone
Second dedicated to you guyslet's stop killin' one
Another and realizesomeone explain why we really have
To sufferhow tuff do we have to be let us recoveranother
Second close my eyes loose control I could dielucky
We ain't alone so no woman no cryonce again little
Sister let me tell you dry your eyebe strong as you
Know otherwise you won't survicelife is to short could
Be thru in a secondpositive or negative vibes all up
To youa second in your life you can be free so remember me
This song is from the album "Nana".