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"Me Peeps"

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This is for my peeps my homes and my possebooya is
The clan and we are bad like an armysoldiers ready
To invade your townnow you blaw so come on let us all
Get downhow do you wanna fade us clownsellin' millions
Of records the difference is our soundfake jacks don't
You ever dare to pronouncedon't you know who's behind
Me your house we surroundstop being fake just be real
Personalitycheck yourself who the fuck you are your
Identitythen you can try to be as bad as mebut you
Never gonna get it coz' the reason's my posse !!!
Chorusare you down for the hoodsare you doin' all you
Shouldare you down with the familyrepeat once more
My peeps (2)
When I come around there 'll be no discussin'a million
Bank account at first ya 'll were laughin'I tell you
Once again who know who did it?
My peeps !now you shocked buggin' trippin' you don't
No what you doyou think you need a change and decide
To leave your crewwe sorry baby baby coz we know you
Ain't realstop being fake just be real personalitycheck
Yourself who the fuck you are your identitythen you
Can try to be as bad as mebut you never gonna get it
Coz the reason'smy posse !!!
My peeps (3)

Now let me do this quick before I gonana is my name
And booya is my unclecan you now understand how the
Whole story goeslove respect for one another and it's
All about the doughso now you know maybe not and if
So don't be a hoepractice what you preach before you
Come to my showoh! oh! stop fuckin' up the flowi know
It's really hard but try to act like you knowstop being
Fake just be real personalitycheck yourself who the
Fuck you are your identitybut you never gonna get it
You know why?my posse !!!