Morbid Angel Lyrics
"The Fall of Idols"

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Our darkest days have come
Barbaric rules, self-serving
Abandoned hope of gods
Dismissed and long forgotten
Our fate cannot be seen
Prophetic fools have failed us
Their visions long dispelled
They've fallen, like all idols

We demand a victor's feast
We demand that all shall know thee
We demand your end be praised

Destroy all statues standing
Built before you reign
Tear them down in your name
Disregard all existence
All kings before your time
They shall all be erased
You claim to desire peace
But if the truth be seen
You know us as your enemy

The ones that praise your grace
The fools that claim your glory
Will watch the pillars fall
And see your kingdom burn
You called us impure heathens
You mocked our culture's ways

You forced disbelief upon us
By way of sword and blade
You ruled with hand of fury
You pillaged and you raped
None shall sing your praise
They claimed you as their savior
Embraced your heinous ways
You proved yourself a failure
You swore to be the shelter
To shield is from the storm
Yet, you brought this reign upon us
A shattered ego fallen
Dismissed and soon forgotten
Your name will be erased
We always were your enemy
And if the truth be seen
We brought your end of days
Praise no man as savior
This song is from the album "Kingdoms Disdained".