Morbid Angel Lyrics
"Opening Of The Gates"

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These chains that have choked existence,
have fallen away
this veil that has blinded eyes has been lifted
and now it is gone

and like the ways of the sheep
the flock has been to only receive
led to the gates of their enemy
led to the slaughter of their beliefs
and now their gazing eyes have turned
turned to see us laughing

these fools who have thought
us to be as they are,
have never truly seen
guided by limiting the ways that they think,
they thought us blind and obscene

but now the sheep are wailing
cries to a god they never see
and as the gates are closing
down upon the all they have believed
and now their pleading eyes have turned
turned to see the eyes of the laughing

the ties have bound these fools
to the ways of the blind,
is ignorant bliss
lies that were fed to the slumbering mass
they've grazed upon it
and all that awaits men failing to see,
is the sight they've despised
the gates have opened,
your religion has died
This song is from the album "Gateways To Annhiliation".