Morbid Angel Lyrics
"Heaving Earth"

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Before that which is, all was not
Less the Sweet Waters of Habsu
Chthhulhu Amah-Ushumgal-Anna
Triumvirate of Most High

Spirits of the Deep Waters, remember
Humbaba, Lord of the Forest, remember

From the Sweet Bitter, all that is came
Creation of man and their gods
But man, fashioning overwhelm
Could not see the Light which he holds

Spirits of Purifying Flames, remember
Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember
Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember
Anunnaki, Weighers of the Truth, be praised

The gift of flesh
Was in fact life's curse
Although born one in the same
In Spirit, but the flesh all too coarse

Discord, among the gods of men
Although they were brothers
Diversities grew
Overshadowing their connection
On the clearest of days they are
One in the same
Pettiest of purpose
Degenerates things to their crudest form
Being loathsome to Habsu
Zi-Zi Badur-Ku-Ku, Kanpa
Warring, in the Belly of Tiamat
Brothers do battle
Principalities of folly
Disturbs the Mummu
The One Who Bore All was
Appalled by their ways
Her Dream Time was of no peace
Their fleshly behavior
Overbearing and proud
She despised them
Zi Zi Anunnaki, Kanpa

The Ways of the Underworld are Perfect
Not to be questioned by that of the brute
Clearly beyond the understanding
Of that which is ruled by the drives of the flesh
For whom shall then oppose
The Lights of Asag, Purifying Flames
Come child, the Anunnaki wait
Truth is the Weapon no pity it holds

The ways of the flesh
Barbaric behavior patterns
Flesh over Spirit, the motivator of the worthless
The ways of the flesh
The evolution is minimal
I watch as your kingdoms rise and fall
Causing no effective change
Your military
Command structure of impotence
A gross misuse of force
By leaders who lack in vision
Your gods
Evidence of your weakness
Your focus is one with delusion
You worship that which means your end

Rise up, O Mahummuhu
The Judgement is passed
The treachery is clear
They shalt become empty like the wind
The emptiest of shells so shall they be
O Great Mother
The Armies shall rise with Weapons
No pity they hold
From Your Great Mummu
The Serpents shall come
Venom for blood
And the Glory of Gods

Spirits of the Flames, remember
Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember
Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember
Anunnaki, Weighers of Truth, be praised

Mahummuhu Gal-Gal
Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul
Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul
This song is from the album "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh".