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Missy Elliott feat. TLC Lyrics
"Can You Hear Me"

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[Aaliyahs mother]
This is the information for
For where you can send the flowers
Its for Aaliyah
Ill give you the phone number in case you need it
Ok we'll see you
Take care of yourself
I love you
Bye bye

I've been checking on your mom's and dad
And your brother since the day you left (LEFT left left)
Passed on and went away with God
But for your momma it's been (so damn hard)
I hate to even hear her cry (cry)
Aaliyah she asked me why (why)
Would her baby girl go this way?
Can you gimme better words to say?

One day she'll see you again
With the same old beautiful smile (Your smile)
Long hair and the voice of a hummingbird
You'll be singing them same old songs
Aaliyah can you hear me? (Can ya hear me?)
I hope that you're proud of me (Ooooh)
*Me & Tim we've been doing our thang
But it's never been the same since you had to go
Ain't never met a friend more incredible (more incredible)

I know you're in real good hands
with God, but damn I miss you. (Miss you)
Aaliyah if you see Left Eye (uh huh)
will ya tell her me & Boz miss her too?
Cuz no one's gonna fill her space
TC L not replaced
You're the reasons we learn to love
fly high with your 22 doves.

One day we'll see her again
With the same old beautiful smile (your smile yeah)
Crazy but SexyCool
And she'll be rapping them same old songs (ooh woo)
Lisa can you hear me?
We hope that you're proud of us (Oh proud of you)
TLC has come a long way
But it's never been the same since you had to go
But the healing process will be long and slow (ooh woo)

Aaliyah I know you're in a safer place
You're face to face with the Creator and our Maker
And if you and Left Eye happened to chat
Tell her me and Tionne we know she much safer
If you see Biggie Smalls up in the clouds
Tell him he's still the illest MC we had around
2Pac there is only one
Big Pun R.I.P we say one (one yeah yeah)

One day we'll see y'all again (one day ooh)
With the same old beautiful smile
All styles so many styles (yes)
And y'all be doing the same old things
The last time we've seen ya (woo ooh)
We hope y'all can change the world (change the world)
Let them see how short life be
It will never be the same since you had to go (yeah yeah)
To the music world y'all are incredible (yeah yeah)

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah

[Missy talking]
This is the end mickey or missy mousc
bye muthafucka nah am just playing
anyway huh you no once again i hope y'all enjoy
what y'all heard you no i no someone gonna
walk through the door who say they still dont feel me
you no they dont like ma album or maybe
somebody just shitted in your cornflakes
or maybe something stinks
but far as am concerned i do what i do the
best way i can so hopefully you felt some
old skool flavour in there you you may not
feel like am a real hip hop artist but i dont have
to be a grew up on hip hop an thats what motivated
me to do music uh beef back then wasnt death threats
between two artist beef then was you no uh
who had the realist skills who was the dopest on the mic
so magazine radio folk whom ever you no this
shit is kinda in your court i no some times you want the
best stories and you got to eat to just like everbody else
but someties be gotta sacrifice and say the best stories
dont have to be something negative lets not wait till we
lose another important MC in the rap game and start
saying chill out with the dumb shit n all that you no
um we can all stand for going under a lil construction
so right now i aint gonna turn in to reverand Elliot on y'all
i just love music if you dont like i dont give a shit
aight bascially i love ya god bless goodnight
This song is from the album "Under Construction".