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Mike Mcclure Lyrics
"Jack Of Diamonds"

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The Jack of Diamonds and the Queen of Hearts
Hit the road and hit the dark
Hit the brakes and tried to park
But they slid off in a ditch

They played the game while the elevator ran
Down the shaft to the promised land
Hit the ground with a heavy hand
The conductor flipped a switch

So the devil he came back on the prowl
Low and steady with a heavy growl
Slowly growing darker now
There's a rapping at the door

It's four ones with an ace of cups
Somehow that just don't add up
Sorry fellas lots of luck
Can't feel that anymore


I called out to my captain
I said, "Sir, I've gone a stray
Am I too far gone to come back now?"
He said, "No, son, I'll meet you halfway"

Well a couple things I've come to know
The good times come, they'll surely go
Liquor's like a torpedo
It tangles as it tears

It slammed into my sinking ship
Wrapped his self in barb-wire fence
Wiped down and cleaned the fingerprints
But drunks had moved the chair

The lazy, burning, turning lanes
Low and looming hurricanes
Twisting up the weathervanes
In the path of least resistance

So I crossed to road way up on high
For a love I cannot deny
With a weathered brow and my crooked eye
Stared off in the distance

Chorus x2