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"Obeah Wedding"

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You making yourself a pappy show Melda
You making yourself a bloody clown
Up and down the country looking for Obeah
And you perspiration smell so strong
Girl you only wasting time
Obeah wedding bells don't chime
And you can't trap me
With necromancy
Melda oh, you making wedding plans
Carrying me name to Obeah man
All you do can't get through
I still ain't goin' marry to you

The amount of incense that you burn at night
Lard and garlic stinking up me place
So much different color candles that you light
Rubbing red lavender in you face
Nastiness go cause your death
Girl no man can stand your breath
You too damn nasty get away from me

If you really want a wedding ring Melda
There are many other ways and means
Like scrubbing your teeth and bathing regular
Soap and water keeps you fresh and clean
Dress up in the latest style
Always wear a charming smile
Some koo-noo-mooloo bound to say I do

Look how many nights we hug up tight, tight, tight
All we ever know was love and peace
Now every minute is only fight, fight, fight
Till you using Obeah man for priest
You don't seem to understand
Obeah can't upset my plan
For Papa Niser
Is me Grandfather