Metro Boomin, Travis Scott and Young Thug Lyrics

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Uh-uh-, yeah, yeah
Did you forget? Do it for life
Chicago that time, all bullshit aside
Wonderful vibe, wonderful night (uh-uh-uh)
Did it with tribe
All I can hear is you and I
Up in this club, bumpin' and grind
Who made it flood? You see the signs (sign)
Signs, signs, signs (yeah-eah-eah)

We pulled out the feathers for this type of weather
She pulled to the club to bust up a dub
She came with her man, I called in a sub
She givin' out hugs, we know 'bout the mud
She put in my hand, don't know what it was
She knows some of the fam, but don't know enough
My trust is a nigga, how we trust
(All in a trance, it's giving us)

Sippin' on Wock, don't do 'Tuss
She got her own fans, she need her a buzz
Might give her a chance, it's giving her (uh)
Out in a trance, it's givin' her (uh)
Not on no Xans, it's givin' her (uh)
Nigga with bands, it's givin' her (trance)
Nigga with plans, it's givin' her (uh)

Still in the gym, ain't did the implants
I like that for real, ain't givin' up
Like they know that you real, they give it up (real)
Like if you got the steel, they give it up (steel)
Takin' these M's they givin' us
And run in the field like it's ten of us (ten, ten, ten)
I'm cleanin' shit out like a enema
I make this shit look like a cinema (ten, ten, ten)
(All in a trance, it's giving us)

Take off the top, baby, let's ride
I'm with my dogs, I pick the side
She want the box, the one on the tribe
(The one on the tribe, yeah)
Arm out the window, just throw it when we ride
I bent the corner, straight the wheel and the tires (woo)
Put twenty hoes on a boat 'til they tired
Everybody on (on)
You know you need me, my nigga, just keep this shit real
Don't you (?) What you saw
Who else fuck up the city like us when it rain, it's a thunderstorm (thunderstorm)
I party at Shabba in New York and LA where they keep on going to the don (Shabba)
Two hundred K what I'm on (two hun')
She lickin' out diamonds out my chest (chest)
I told her, "I ain't slime, babe, call me sex" (no slime, just call me sex)
It ain't no dough, I put these racks in, yeah (ain't no doubt I put these racks in)
If you my ho, I call you sexy, yeah
God damn, lay shit so bad, it's dangerous (dangerous)
I bet at the night she try to tangle up
She got Paris manners and it's so dangerous

(All in a trance, it's giving us) yeah
(All in a trance, it's giving us) uh (yeah)
(All in a trance, it's giving us) uh
(All in a trance, it's giving us) uh
(All in a trance, it's giving us) uh (yeah)
(All in a trance, it's giving us) uh
Night-night, night-night
You night, you say, you say
You night, you night, you say
You can't, you (?), at night
I move so far in time
I move so far in time (whoa)
I been cooped up at night
I been fucked up at night (ooh)
Grip my fist up and drive (drive, ooh)
Drivin' fucked up in time (ooh)
I been pimped up in night (uh, ooh)
I been workin' in time (ooh)
I been moved right inside (ooh)
I been just like- (ooh)
It's just like
It's just like
It's just like