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Mercyful Fate Lyrics
"The Oath"

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"By the symbol of the creator
I swear henceforth to be
a faithful servant of his most puissant arch-angel
The Prince Lucifer
whom the creator designated as his regent
and lord of this world, Amen"

I deny Jesus Christ, the deceiver
And I abjure the christian faith
Holding in contempt all of it's works

As a being now possessed of a human body
In this world I swear to give my full allegiance
To it's lawful master, to worship him
Our Lord Satan, and no other
In the name of Satan, the ruler of earth
Open wide the gates of Hell
And come forth from the abyss
By these names: Satan, Leviathan, Belial, Lucifer
I will kiss the goat

I swear to give my mind
My body and soul unreservedly
To the furtherance of our Lord Satan's designs
Do What Thou Wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
As it was in the beginning, is now
And ever shall be
World without end, Amen
This song is from the album "Don't Break the Oath".