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Mary Mary Lyrics
"Little Girl"

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Hey Erica And Tina, can you sing a song about little girls to me, please

(verse 1)

She was just 13
and i just don't think
that she ever seen her own beauty
She didn't think she'd be anything and that little girl she used to be me


Little girl, Little girl
wunder r u listening
Little girl, Little girl
strugglin' with ur confidence
Little girl, Little girl
God made u so beautiful
Little girl, Little girl
i just thought that u should know

(verse 2)

Sumtimes u feel like u don't fit in
Cuz u don't look like all yo other friends
U got ur own thing goin' on, girl ur so unique
U r just the way that God intended for u to be


Tell u what u should do when u get up in the mornin'
Look yourself in the mirror and say I luv me
Even with all ur flaws and all of ur downfalls
Just be ur best cuz to Him u already r

(chorus 2x)

Little girl, little girl
Little girl, little girl
Little girl, little girl
Little girl, little girl
This song is from the album "Incredible" and "Go Get It".