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Mary Beth Lyrics
"A Million Different Worlds"

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A young man's gonna tell his folks the truth tonight
They'll put their hopes for grandkids in a box with all their fears
A college girl's gonna take her hardest test tonight
A thin blue line will bring the news, confirming all her tears
And someone just got hired for a million dollar bonus
And someone's leaving home for somewhere safe
And someone just got fired and he's got to tell his children
That the little things they need, they're gonna have to wait

A million different worlds going on around us
A hundred different choices every moment of the day
A million different worlds going on around us
What's your today

A boy in Massachusetts' going back to boarding school today
He doesn't want his dad to know he's scared
A white haired woman prays for the daughter that she raised
Making deals with God to get her spared
And someone just got rescued from the fire that took their home
And someone just got back her S.A.T.s
Someone's making someone else feel better in the dark
And someone found a way to make that little baby breathe

A million different worlds...

Seems everybody's got a choice at how they're gonna live their lives
They're lucky or they're victims or they're blessed
And I guess it's easier by far to miss the wisdom where you are
And think you'd like to trade with all the rest
Well they might trade with you... Just as fast
Someone's getting married in the morning
And someone's finally putting down those cigarettes for sure
Someone's taking his first day off in 47 working years
And someone's got a prom date, if he will only ask her

A million different worlds...