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M.Wade Lyrics
"2125 (Jefferson St)"

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[Verse 1]
This a tale of them dark days
Remember them late nights strolling through them parkways
7 to 5, hours looking like minimum wage
I've worked longer and harder for things to come my way
Now these long roads, they try
And pass em off as interstates
The world's passing food around
You waiting on your dinner plate
But how it's be when you living off of section 8
In 8 different sections of hell, there's no Heaven's Gates
City councils with no answers, even when we ask questions
I'm from where Muslims shoot them 9's for the black 11's
Try to show no aggression but I see no progression
My city need the help, but hood's too busy flexing
Churches on every street
Ain't no leave for the weak
Even those lactose settle for that government cheese
Yea, and Jefferson still lit up
Tryna exercise my demons without attempting to sit up

These are just my views from Jefferson
These are just my views from Jefferson
These are just my views from Jefferson
These are just my views from Jefferson Street
2125 (X3)

[Verse 2]
Shoe game crazy in my city
Everybody getting Jump-man
But they the same reason my homie Jordan got jumped man
Top 20 most violent
It's ironic cuz in the dark I'm shining
My people can only afford public housing
How do our realtors sell they estate
You know the part when they gotta put a price on the place
I mean what do they really say to the couple's who tryna pay
Like, "hey, kids get killed 'round here like everyday"
And I lost some niggas too
Jarobi, his twin Malik, reminiscing bout the things we got into
Had plans of robbing corner stores
Like that scene in Juice
Raheem, Steele, Bishop & the boy Q
And with my bro along we had a crew
Standing behind the curtains of 6th & Curtain
I chose the classroom, others chose the streets to get they learning

[Verse 3]
Homegirl grew up without her mother
Got abused by her father
And no one seems to know if her cousin is her brother
She attended 9 schools, way before high school
Fell into the drug game I guess getting high was cool
She 16, niggas is...in and out of the house
Can't afford newer things but she always got a blouse
It's sad but it's the truth, all she want is to reproduce
She got a talent when it comes to tryna seduce a nigga
Subdue a nigga
Now your balls turning blue, my nigga
Cause her pops he got that STD
And every time he sexually assaulted
See homegirl would just catch that beast
That she can't control, she can only pass it on
Feeling sorry for the niggas who came across that bridge
Such an hourglass body
Time passes when you walking with her
I thought she gave it up and this is only just from talking with her
It never helps that the city so small
Everybody know ya business you just waiting on the call
Every nigga wanting some action
They all claiming they packing
And she falling every time like she can never tell that they acting
Even the police stop her just to hit
Claiming they in pursuit for a clip
This as real as it gets
Hoping y'all listen
Lot of girls go through this everyday high percentage
Tyesha don't deserve this
Her life serves a better purpose
They say that life's a stage until them niggas close the curtains
Well let it get better, let it be great
Beautiful young minds they make a lot of mistakes
It's all apart of growing up, see you give and you take
Enough to worry about we got enough on our plate
I'm sorry

2125 (X3)
These are just my views from Jefferson St