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Loon Lyrics
"Cream Town"

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I got them K-Pax bigger then Bethlaham-with Beth I go ham-better then yo
Man-Ima grotto sewage slanger-a low bottom banger-Teradactyl's are my coat
Hangers-I'm so O.G, Big, & fly from Christ's Manger-Messiah destiny
Leader-the Sire's my entity Luna Tec 9 millimeter-the Fortune Tellers-come
To me I'm they future palm reader-New Era breeder-I take out the poison out
Of ya cancer leecher-get big paper Pelican Briefer-tear up jerks Pemmican
Eater-I feel pleasant & bleeding-a pleasure & pain seeker-Mak 11 Da Foxx
Pheasant feeder-I look out for the peasants & needers-I gas that Pleasant
Valley fever-I pee on ants with my seeders-no succeeders make them say
Please and defeat em-I be peeping the cheaters-with fast peepers of
Cheetahs-Himalayah Alpine Players peaking with summit peakers-from L.A to
Peking we beat em-they peeping & peeking-but they can't see us-they
Pleading for a reason-while we pleasing with the seasons-left them burried
Under the pickled peppers Peter and treason-I'm immortal they skin me alive
P.E.T.A who needs em-I roll with peta with heaters-peons get depleted-I
Ride like the piece and Jesus-no peace then no freedom-I piece with a can
Pray & freeze em-killing freon citch please when ya see ya-I flux with Aeon
She like Denise the greaser-I fux with Napalm every forehead I crease
Em-yous a dump truck in my made palm back it up and brings it-if I don't
Bless it it just don't bling trick-I get them cha ching ching
Chips-Supermarkets I cash em out-Black Markets without a doubt-mounds by
The pound-cocoa nut cream town-in between the scenes-I seam the crown-and
Went unseen without a sound-what it seems & what you see I doubt-with a
Reasonable doubt-I turn your clout-sour crout-while I ride away on my
9-Cloud-and get high off cotton candy with the killer clowns-serial number
Killers by the London pound-I Jacc Rip the bog-then reappear in the Bay
Fog-then reappear again in the Downtown L.A smog-I got pull like the
Carb-the highest-grab the Quija Board and ask every Royal Heiness-I sub
Your limelight trick-with my sublimeness-that's why me and my A-team